The Company

The Challenge

The Task

The Portfolio Management Game follows Qaio, Inc, a globally diversified company that just celebrated its 50th anniversary and which is facing some uncertain challenges and situations as it aims to continue to grow and continue its successful past. 

Fifty years ago, the company began as a single product company (bottled water) and to this day, they continue to participate as a leader in that industry.  Over time, however, Qaio has diversified into other lines of business and now stands as a company with four primary business divisions.  Within the organization, there are five primary functional groups: marketing, IT, operations, innovation and sales. 

Being a larger company, Qaio has many opportunities before it, but at the same time, the  complexity of having multiple business divisions and having numerous products within business divisions has also presented it with challenges. 

Organizational silos have emerged and the determination of which investments and projects to select within and across business divisions has become difficult because of the silos, incomplete and inconsistent information about investments and an emerging culture of decibel-driven decision-making (versus data-driven decisions). 

During The Game, each participant is assigned a business division and a functional area within that business.  Each participant is also given information about various funded and unfunded investments and projects that are relevant to their division and/or functional area. 

Based on various scenarios and challenges the company is faced with, participants must interact and negotiate with their peers from other functional groups and/or business divisions to arrive at solutions to the predicaments their functional area, business division and/or the organization are facing.

What Can You Expect Participants to Learn?