What are the objectives of the Portfolio Management Game?

  • Provide an interesting, non-traditional way to educate senior management and/or employees about the power of corporate portfolio management
  • Energize employees around your current or future corporate portfolio management efforts
  • Equip the organization with ambassadors for corporate portfolio management who will leave understanding and promoting the benefits of this strategic discipline
  • Provide a phenomenal team building exercise which is interactive, fun and educational.  Get ready to laugh (and probably argue a bit also).

What Won’t the Game Do?

Since we believe in truth in advertising, we thought you should also know what the Portfolio Management Game does not do.

  • The Game will not optimize or claim to optimize your portfolio.  It will, however, get the lightbulb to go off in the heads of those who participate and/or who may have been skeptical, unknowledgeable or new to portfolio management.
  • The Game is not a software with lots of fancy charts and bells & whistles that look really cool but which nobody really uses. The Game was created to achieve its objective of education in an interesting, unconventional way. 
  • The Game will not cost you tens of thousands of dollars.  If you’d like to spend tens of thousands of dollars, we’d be happy to take it, but we’d imagine you have better things to do with that money within the organization including funding some unfunded investments or projects.
  • The Game will not make a great holiday gift or be great for family game night together.  As much as we love The Game we’ve developed, it is best enjoyed at work.  Might we recommend Cranium or Pictionary?  If, however, you and your friends or family are passionate about Corporate Portfolio Management, be our guests.

I have to Buy the Game. How Can I Get it?