I want The Game. How do I get it?

We love your enthusiasm.  To purchase The Game, please email us by clicking here or by completing the following form.  The first time you go through The Game, one of our coaches will facilitate it while someone from your organization can learn how to conduct it if they would like to.  The Game's 48 investment cards and user instructions are yours to keep.

Going forward, you can have us facilitate The Game or you can do it on your own.  Once you purchase it and learn to facilitate, it is yours to use & reuse as you like within your organization. 

Can you customize The Game for our organization?

Most definitely.  The Game currently follows a fictitious company, Qaio, Inc, but if you would like, we can develop a completely customized Portfolio Management Game for your organization.  This means customizing investments and projects, roles, business divisions, scenarios, etc based on your input and our research of your organization.  If you’d like to explore this option, please inquire here.

Get someone to coach The Game at your organization