About Us

The Portfolio Management Game was created by the team at Brilliont – a firm that brings a practitioner’s sensibility to the disciplines of corporate portfolio management, innovation and reengineering. 

We firmly believe that the best ideas and strategies are only useful if the employees who are so essential to making them successful understand and are impassioned about what they are doing.  We also believe that this understanding and passion rarely comes from lecture-style presentations of theoretical concepts.

The Portfolio Management Game is one of the unconventional yet effective means the Brilliont team has developed and used to educate, train and invigorate employees about the discipline of corporate portfolio management. 

We welcome your feedback and ideas and look forward to working with you.  If you feel the Brilliont team maybe helpful on any of your other needs, please email us by clicking here.  We will get back to you at the earliest to understand how we might be of service.